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I don't own a robot vacuum, but I do know you need one with cameras or lasers for accurate vacuuming.

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I do not own a robot vacuum, but I did watch an informative video review that explained the features found in different price-tiered vacuums. I would definitely spend the money to purchase a high-end vacuum with some form of smart navigation (cameras, lasers) that can map out the room virtually. Without it, the vacuum will bounce around walls and tables aimlessly until it gets stuck. I’ve purchased low-end Roombas and ended up returning them as it wasn’t any more efficient in saving my time than using a good Dyson cordless vacuum.

A very informative video review of robot vacuums in 2019.

To recap:

  • Avoid buying any budget or mid-range robot vacuum (generally anything under $300). The vacuum randomly bounces around to clean the home, but usually gets stuck on carpets or other obstacles. You don’t want to babysit your robot vacuum every time.
  • High-end vacuums use cameras, lasers, or better sensors to navigate and can create a virtual map of your home for more efficient cleaning.
  • The best robot vacuum (according to this review) is the Neato D7 or Roborock S50. Get whatever is cheaper.
  • Roombas are like the Bose of robot vacuums. You can get a much better vacuum for the high price you’re paying.

Reddit link to informative review

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