It has taken a long time for home security to come into the (really) affordable mainstream, but with the advent of reliable wireless technology in smart locks, cameras and security systems and with healthy competition, now is a good time to start looking into home security options. Renters should also consider adding home security, since the latest solutions are wireless and can be relocated.

There are three approaches to security you can take, depending on your needs.

Do-it-yourself. For people who don’t need professional 24/7 monitoring, but want a little visibility into their household’s safety, then installing a few cameras will do the job. There will always be a delay in response — the same as the time it takes for you to respond to a phone notification.

Self Installation with Professional monitoring. The introduction of wireless sensors brought down the cost of security systems to a reasonable price, so there isn’t much reason NOT to go with this route. You can always opt-out of monitoring and keep as a self-monitoring solution as well.

Professional everything. Traditional security system and monitoring services are still available to rip you off, much like cable TV. If you don’t mind spending more money and want a completely hassle-free installation and solution, then Frontpoint Security is a good option.

Security Categories

Everyone is carrying GPS trackers on their phones, so why not leverage it for home automation? Enter presence sensors.

You'll never be locked out of the house again with a smart lock, unless you forget your phone. Then that's all on you.

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A new era of affordable security systems is coming, thanks to companies like Ring, Simplisafe and Abode.

With a security camera, you are one step closer to being a paranoid old man.

Do you want to know when and how your package was stolen? Then get a doorbell camera.

Contact sensors tell you when your doors are open or closed--which is important, right?