There are several major decisions to be made before you begin purchasing any smart device for your home. I believe choosing the appropriate network router, home automation hub, smart home wireless standard, and voice assistant is necessary for a reliable smart home. Skipping these decisions will only cause more pain later when you learn that the devices you purchased don’t integrate well or start failing for unknown reasons.

No one understands my needs better than me so I ended up buying every type of hardware until I found the right products. Doing this “research” cost me some change, so I hope you can make use of my recommendations.

Infrastructure Categories

Though Google Home is slowly replacing its functions, a home automation hub is still necessary to perform real automations and local processing.

Yes, you will need to learn about the available wireless standards for smart homes to avoid buying the wrong sensors and lights.

I yell at my voice assistant on a regular basis, but I can't deny that using my voice to turn off the lights is convenient.

A reliable wireless network is the crux of a working smart home, so spend the money for a quality system.