About this site

When I first started dabbling with home automation, it was a struggle to find the right information at my level. I read through forums and blogs riddled with ads and content that read more like product press releases, but I didn’t learn much from those sites, except that there has to be a better way to introduce people to home automation.

Based on my terrible experience, I created this website to :

  • Get more people interested in home automation
  • Help newcomers understand the possibilities of home automation (it’s more than voice commands)
  • Share my integrated home automation solution to show what works and what doesn’t

This website is free of advertisements–I’m not here to make a living off my site, but to share interesting or helpful information. The content on this site is my own personal, and independent opinion. All products listed were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. I added Amazon affiliate links, though the links do not influence my opinion in any way.

About this installation

Dwinnn Speaks is designed, developed, and maintained by Dan Nguyen. The site is hosted on Github Pages and is built with the Jekyll platform. I chose Jekyll as my website platform mainly for the challenge (documentation for advanced Jekyll topics is rare) of building a customized site. I didn’t want this site to look like another Wordpress blog.

This site would not exist as it is today without the contributions from the Jekyll community (they offer some amazing free themes) and the photographers who provide royalty-free images on the website Unsplash. I’ve used the resources listed below to create this site.


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