Home Automation

I wanted to see what was possible with home automation in 2019, so I tested some exciting new technologies you may not have realized are available today.


I was fortunate enough to take time off and travel around parts of the world. I have some routes and tips to share for those who are planning their next long-term adventure.


I'm not a photographer, but I took a few nice photos during my travels. Here is a curated selection of said photos.

Latest Updates

Jan 17, 2021:First update in two years! I reviewed the Wyze Cam Pan, which is not worth it!

Nov 28, 2019: I reviewed the best (Logitech Harmony) and worst (Broadlink) smart remotes!

Nov 7, 2019: A workaround for Home Assistant was created to access Nest devices, despite Google ending the Nest Developer program.

September 17, 2019: The TCL 6-Series TVs are the easiest to automate, thanks to the included Roku platform.